ARINC 429 Interface, Integrated Circuit (IC) Data Bus & Integrated Circuit



ARINC 429 is an Air Transport Industry standard for the transfer of digital data between avionics systems.  This standard defines the Electrical Interface, Label and Address assignments, and Word Format Description.


429waveform.gif (1717 bytes)The Waveform of the ARINC 429 signals follows a differential bipolar RZ type. As shown in the diagram to the right, logic levels are determined by the voltage difference between the two communication lines. There are many timing and voltage level specifications associated with the ARINC 429 specification. This data can be found primarily in the ARINC 429 specification itself, however DEI has included the most pertinent information within the data sheets of our interface devices.


Device Engineering has developed a complete line of Integrated Circuits that can be used to transmit and receive digital data over the ARINC 429 data bus. These IC's include receivers, line drivers, and transceivers. When used together this family of high performance devices ensures complete adherence to the ARINC 429 specification. Download a master selection chart here or continue below for additional information.



ARINC 429 Line Drivers


Based on the ARINC 429 specification for serial communication, Device Engineering has developed a complete product line of line drivers that convert TTL or CMOS signals to differential RZ data on the A429 avionics serial bus.  These devices will also interface similar RZ type busses including Arinc 571 and Arinc 575.  Many of the line drivers also support differential NRZ type serial busses such as RS-422.  A complete list of available line drivers can be found in the Line Driver Selection Guide.


ARINC 429 Line Receivers

    Incoming Data on the serial bus is in the differential RZ format of ARINC 429 and must be converted to signals that can be used in normal TTL/CMOS circuitry.  Device Engineering offers these line receivers in a multitude of arrangements and packages.   Click Here to view DEI's Line Receiver Circuits.



ARINC 429 Tranceivers

    The Transceiver circuit is used to interface a standard 16 bit wide micro computer bus with the ARINC serial data bus. The interface circuit includes a transmitter circuit, two identical but independent receiver circuits, and a programmable control register to select operating options.  Click Here to view DEI's Transceiver Circuits.
ARINC 429 Line Drivers
ARINC 429 Line Receivers
ARINC 429 Transceivers