Model No.:1-09435
1-09435 10 Watt Single Output DC to DC Converter [DC-DC]
DC Input: 18-80 Volts
DC Output: 5V at 2Amps
Dimensions: 69 X 51 X 19mm
Model No.:CDA/B/C/G/H-120
CDA/B/C/G/H-120 120 Watt DC/DC Converter
DC input: 18 - 32 Volts
CDA-120: 5V@24A
CDB-120: 0+/-12V@5A
CDC-120: 0+/-15V@4A
CDG-120: 12V@10A
CDH-120: 15V@8A
Model No.:1-09364
1-09364 15 Watt Triple Output DC/DC Converter [DC-DC]
DC Input: 18-40Vdc
DC Outputs: 5V@2A; 15V@0.4A; -15V@0.4A
Dimensions:: 74 X 51 X 13 mm
Model No.:CDA-30/CDB-30/CDC-30/CDG-30/CDH-30
CDA-30/CDB-30/CDC-30/CDG-30/CDH-30 30 Watt DC/DC Converters [DC-DC]
Model No.:CDA-50/CDB-50/CDC-50/CDG-50/CDH-50
CDA-50/CDB-50/CDC-50/CDG-50/CDH-50 50 Watt DC/DC Converters [DC-DC]
Model No.:CDA-500/CDF-500
CDA-500/CDF-500 500 Watt DC/DC Converters [DC-DC]
Model No.:CAX-120
CAX-120 120 Watt Single and Multi Output AC/DC Converters [AC-DC]
Model No.:CAX-500
CAX-500 500 Watt Single and Multi Output AC/DC Converters [AC-DC]