Interface Logic

DDC offers a range of buffer/drivers, transceivers, and D-latches which include DDC's proprietary RAD-PAK shielding. RAD-PAK® is a hermetic ceramic package shielding technology that reduces the Total Ionizing Dose (TID) received by the semiconductor components in the package by orders of magnitude from the total ionizing dose environment exterior to the package. This allows us to put commercial semiconductors with only moderate total dose tolerance in the high total dose environments encountered in space.

Model No.:54BCT244
Octal Buffers/Drivers
Model No.:54BCT245
Octal Buffers Transceiver
Model No.:54LVTH162244
16-Bit Buffers/Drivers with 3-State Outputs
Model No.:54LVTH244A
3.3V ABT 8-Bit Octal Buffers/Drivers
Model No.:54LVTH245A
3.3V ABT Octal Bus Transceiver with 3-State Output
Model No.:7B991
Programmable Skew Clock Buffer (PSCB)
Model No.:54LVTH162373
3.3V 16-Bit Transparent D-Type Latches