Fibre Channel(FC)Boards/Boxes

DDC developed its line of Fibre Channel network access controllers, switches and accessories to support the real-time processing demands of field-critical data networking between sensors, computer nodes, data storage, displays, and weapons for air, sea, and ground military vehicles.


DDC’s Fibre Channel product line includes the FibreACCESS® Network Access Controller (NAC) card and the FibreMATRIX® Switch, both specifically designed to support high-speed and high-reliability data networking applications. These products were developed using in-house intellectual property independent of the life cycles of commercial devices.

Model No.:FC-75500
[FC-AE-1553] FibreACCESS Fibre Channel Network Access Controller XMC
Model No.:FC-75300
[RAW/ASM]FibreACCESS Network Access Controller PMC
Model No.:FC-75400
[FC-AE-1553] FibreACCESS HS1760 NAC