SBCs for Space

The SCS750® series single board computers for space is DDC's answer to the space industry's need for medium- to high-performance computing. The SCS750 series combine the latest generation of IBM PowerPC® processor with large amounts of volatile and non-volatile storage and a variety of interfaces in an industry standard 6u cPCI form factor. Any radiation upset (SEU) is transparently corrected. The user never has to worry about executing a bad instruction or accessing corrupt information. Software development is simplified by using the industry standard VxWorks operating environment. The SCS750's powerful processing capability and high availability make it the ideal choice for data processing or spacecraft control applications. DDC’s single board computers utilize reliable silicon-on-insulator Power PC processors and radiation hardened parts, including DDC’s RAD-PAK® memories, in conjunction with triple redundant processing algorithms that provide comprehensive error detection and correction. These features enable DDC’s single board computers to achieve the best SEE performance (less than one error in 80 years) to yield high performance low-risk (TRL-9) computing solutions for the most demanding space applications. Since inception, more than 20 years ago, our electronic components and single board computers have experienced zero failures in space.

Model No.:SCS3740
SCS3740 High-Speed, SWaP Optimized 3U SpaceVPX SBC
Form Factor: 3U SpaceVPX
Memory; 128 MB SDRAM
Interface: SpaceWire, Serial
Radiation Hardness: TID Greater than 100krad (Si), SEU Hard
Model No.:SCS750G4
SCS750G4 Single Board Computer for Space w/SpaceWire&NAND Flash
Memory: 64 GB NAND Flash, 256 MB SDRAM, 6 MB EEPROM
Interfaces: Programmable I/O, SpaceWire, cPCI Bus, MIL-STD-1553, Serial
Radiation Hardness: SEL Immune, TID Greater than 100krad (Si), SEU Hard
Model No.:SCS750
SCS750 Single Board Computer for Space
Memory: 8 MB EEPROM, 256 MB SDRAM
Interfaces: Programmable I/O, cPCI Bus, MIL-STD-1553, Serial
Radiation Hardness: SEL Immune, TID Greater than 100krad (Si), SEU Hard