DDC is the exclusive sales and support channel for Isocom optocouplers in North America. Isocom manufactures radiation-tolerant optocouplers, with a Total Ionizing Dose (TID) tolerance up to up to 1 Mrad (Si).

Model No.:CH390
CH390 High Gain Optocoupler
Model No.:6N140A, CD750/CD5731, CH370, CS700/CS5700, CSM141A, CSM160/161/162-2, CSM160/161/162-4, CSM1700
QC 88000-C003 Optocouplers - High Gain
Model No.:6N134, CD650/651, CH350, CS600, CSM1600, CSM169-2, CSM169-4, MC600
QC 88000-C004 Optocouplers - High Gain Photon
Model No.:4N55, CD850, CH380, CS800/801, CSM168-2, CSM168-4, CSM1800/01, MC800
QC 88000-C002 Optocouplers - High Speed
Model No.:CSM1200, CSM1224, CSM165-2, CSM165-4, CSM2224, IS49
QC 88000-C001 Optocouplers - Transistor