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SCS3740 High-Speed, SWaP Optimized 3U SpaceVPX SBC

DDC's space-proven Single Board Computer (SBC) product line now includes a compact, high performance (1700 DMIPS, 90 Linpack MFLOPS) SWaP optimized 3U SpaceVPX, offering many memory and I/O options, including: SpaceWire, UART, CANbus, I2C, SPI, GPIO, 1553, and Ethernet. Since the inception of our Space Microelectronics group, more than 20 years ago, our rad-hard Sp-COTSTM and SBC products have experienced zero failures in space!


  • Size, weight & power (SWaP) optimized: highly integrated SoC (system on a chip) LEON quad-core processor reduces overall parts count, enabling low power consumption and high performance, up to 1700 DMIPS, in a compact 3U SpaceVPX
  • Many I/O options: provides flexibility to match a wide range of mission requirements
  • Proven reliability: built on DDC's established pedigree of TRL-9 single board computers, and utilizes DDC’s flight proven rad-hard Sp-COTSTM memory products
  • Integrated SpaceWire router supports SpaceVPX Control Plane
  • I2C supports SpaceVPX Utility Plane
  • High performance computing for demanding space applications
  • Ease of use
    • Development Kit available
    • Board support package (BSP available)
    • Real-time operating system support: Wind River VxWorks® and RTEMS™


  • Launchers
  • Satellites
  • Payload Processing
  • Command & Control




  • GR740 Rad-Hard quad-core LEON 4FT® processor
  • High speed processing - 1,700 DMIPS, 90 Linpack MFLOPS


  • 128 MB of EDAC corrected SDRAM
  • 32 GB of BCH corrected NAND flash
  • 4 MB of EDAC corrected EEPROM memory

I/O Interfaces

  • Integrated SpaceWire router: (8) General purpose SpaceWire ports (up to 200 Mbps each) and (1) SpW debug port
  • (2) UART (RS-422 or LVDS)
  • (2) CANbus
  • (2) I2C
  • (1) Ethernet
  • (1) SPI
  • GPIO
  • (1) 1553 (Requires External PHY)

Operating & Environmental Specifications

  • 3U SpaceVPX
  • 550 Grams
  • Outstanding SBC Radiation Hardness
    • TID > 100krad (Si)
  • Low Power Consumption
    • Input Power: 3.3V Only
    • Power Comsumption: 5W Typical


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